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Country Maps Articles

Australians Fight On For A Better Future

THE accents are broad Australian, and a few Afghan knick-knacks hang on the walls. But a signal that this hut is a military crossroads is the small poster pinned among the wall maps - a languid, cigar-smoking Che Guevara.

Best On Show

Glenn Mulcaster is charmed by country friendliness.

It's Quite A Festive Study

Associate Professor Chris Gibson from the University of Wollongong's GeoQuEST Research Centre in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences has been researching rural festivals and the economic and social benefits they bring to country towns. Ever since I was a little kid I liked looking at atlases and maps.

Remembrance Of Things Past Inspires Vision Of Country Ways And Desert Days

AS ONE of Western Australia's last "desert people", Rita Simpson's early life was spent roaming from waterhole to waterhole, searching for food and water.

Environmental Treasures

In a country grappling with climate change, it is time to recognise the true value of our urban trees, writes Diana Snape.